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Naszym celem jest kompleksowa realizacja inwestycji budowlanych. Świadczymy usługi doradcze takie jak nadzór inwestorski zarówno na inwestycjach kubaturowych jak i infrastrukturalnych. Projektujemy budynki ale i towrzymy innowacyjne rozwiązania. Budujemy zarowno obiekty większe jak budynki wielorodzinne, hale magazynowe jak i domy jednorodzinne. Zapraszamy do współpracy!

Work on the house in the price of the apartment – optimization of the technology has begun.

3 June 2018
Work on the house in the price of the apartment – optimization of the technology has begun.

We have started working on our own energy-efficient house project in the price of the flat. We work on projects in cooperation with Drewland from Bartoszyce (producer and contractors of houses in the backbone system , BORG (precast concrete elements from Szczecin ) and MODEI Sztuka&Design z Olsztyna ( ). Where does the idea come from and why such a triangle:
While carrying out orders and optimizing the costs of building various facilities in Poland, as well as working on our own multi-family housing system, we have found that no one has yet taken up the subject of optimizing the cost of building a single-family home. There may be several reasons for this, but the main one is that because the value of the investment is small compared to multi-family housing, the companies professionally dealing with cost optimization, offerings and project management do not see such a high earning potential in this segment. We also meet with the investors’ approach, who think that the supervisor of the investor’s supervision or the manager on their investment of a single-family house is an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, often after the fact of the so-called Bugs or when you stop construction as a result of the problem remind themselves of us. We do not have a problem with this but it does not have to be that way. Therefore, we ourselves sat down to the topic and imposed a project to optimize the cost of a single-family building. What arises?
House in the price of a flat with a size similar to a larger apartment but the most optimal structure possible. Interestingly, we have added investors’ feelings about technology to the optimization criterion.
Therefore, the construction is not only durable, cheap and well isolated but also identical with investors’ opinions and feelings about technology.
Thus, a house is created with a main structure made of prefabricated reinforced concrete (C30 / 37 class concrete) constituting the core core of the building which will be supplemented with wooden frame construction systems. We will combine the advantages of the competing systems on the market.
What will come out of such a marriage? You will find out soon. The offer of single-family homes will be available as an additional tab in the offers on our website. Welcome.