Projektowanie, nadzór, budowa. Inwestycje kompleksowo. |
Naszym celem jest kompleksowa realizacja inwestycji budowlanych. Świadczymy usługi doradcze takie jak nadzór inwestorski zarówno na inwestycjach kubaturowych jak i infrastrukturalnych. Projektujemy budynki ale i towrzymy innowacyjne rozwiązania. Budujemy zarowno obiekty większe jak budynki wielorodzinne, hale magazynowe jak i domy jednorodzinne. Zapraszamy do współpracy!

About us

InvestyKA is a professional activity whose main task is to support the investor as well as construction companies in the process of implementing a construction investment or other tasks and business goals.
In the field of construction investments, we offer a very wide and comprehensive range of services: handling formal matters and obtaining necessary decisions and consents at the pre-design and design stage, managing the design stage and inter-branch coordination of a construction or contracting project, obtaining a building permit, project management and construction supervision, obtaining use permit.
Our knowledge of the design process where the most important exaggeration decisions are made about the later costs of construction, use and functionality of the facility enables the expected economic efficiency of the planned construction project expected by the Investor.
To this end, we created and manage a team consisting of ambitious industry and engineers with all the necessary qualifications and professional qualifications able to perform any investor’s order. Therefore, we provide a professional project management plan for construction projects at every stage and covering all industries and processes of design and construction.
InvestyKa is a response to the needs of investors implementing increasingly difficult and demanding investments, emphasizing that the companies cooperating with it would support both experience, knowledge and the business approach to investment.
We offer interim management services to construction companies, general contractors as well as subcontractors and branch companies. In short, it is a temporary and defined objective and scope of action within the organization, aimed at achieving specific goals and established business results. The most important aspect of investing as an interim manager is to increase the value of an organization in a given area and achieve a specific goal.
The offer of the investyKA company is addressed to private investors, companies and institutions who respect their time and funds. We are able to meet and perform any task on which the investor depends, even those at first sight impossible to do.