Projektowanie, nadzór, budowa. Inwestycje kompleksowo. |
Naszym celem jest kompleksowa realizacja inwestycji budowlanych. Świadczymy usługi doradcze takie jak nadzór inwestorski zarówno na inwestycjach kubaturowych jak i infrastrukturalnych. Projektujemy budynki ale i towrzymy innowacyjne rozwiązania. Budujemy zarowno obiekty większe jak budynki wielorodzinne, hale magazynowe jak i domy jednorodzinne. Zapraszamy do współpracy!



  • Cost optimization (significant cost reduction – 10% of the cost estimate) with the redesign of the building, change of the building permit and carrying out the procedure of obtaining decisions and formalities of external investments, including the golden mean (budget, date, quality) of the Park Handlowy investment in Nidzica
  • Preparation of a single-family house project (250 PUM) in several variants of building technologies, preserving the imposed external appearance of the building, comparison and ranking of construction technology with an additional assumption of transporting materials over a considerable distance (outside the country), optimization of construction costs,
  • Technical consulting, including the support of the Management Board in carrying out a new construction project on the facilities where production is carried out – expansion (including increasing the height of the facility) without stopping the production line,
  • Report on deep geothermal industry in Poland vs. other energy industries available and planned for implementation in Poland, analysis of Polish conditions (formal and legal procedures, available geological materials, reports, energy prices, etc.) in terms of construction of the first geothermal heat and power plants in Poland in an innovative drilling technology from Strada Energy
  • Permanent managerial service at the pre-project stage, creating the concept of various types of facilities on plots owned and newly purchased (and planned for purchase) by the Real Estate Investor,
  • Introduction of a construction and design module in ERP class programs, management from design to module commissioning, test and live exercise of the construction being carried out,
  • Support of the company’s management at meetings with business partners, the so-called silent counselor, negotiator of the contract, checking the correctness and correctness of the project team’s ideas
  • increasing the company’s turnover, creating and introducing new products, inventing the direction of development and implementing it


  • Single-family residential buildings in the traditional system
  • Single-family residential buildings in the Canadian system
  • Single-family residential buildings in the log system
  • Single-family residential buildings in a mixed system (two-storey traditional down, 1st floor in the Canadian system)
  • Backyard of sports fields High School No. 1 in Bartoszyce
  • Salon with car parts Inter Cars 13, Olsztyn
  • Expansion of sewage treatment plant in Żary, Construction of three sludge drying rooms,
  • Expansion of sewage treatment plant in Kozienice, construction of sludge drying room,
  • Modernization of sewage treatment plant in Iława,
  • Construction of a complex of multi-family residential buildings in Szczytno (Villa Natura settlement)
  • Construction of a complex of multi-family residential buildings in Przasnysz (Tęczowa housing estate)
  • Expansion of the existing Wipasz poultry slaughtering and processing plant in Mława
  • Construction of gas stations (Orlen, BP, Private investors)
  • Construction of a production hall with a social building in Korpele, commune SzczytnoConstruction of a two-story Cymes bakery in Olsztyn,
  • Construction of a waiting room pavilion and WORD truck shelters in Olsztyn
  • Steel advertising constructions with spacious coffers,
  • Construction of the Majonezy Kętrzyn production hall,
  • Land development near the recreation center Dębowa Przystań near Sorkwit,
  • Design and construction as well as expansion of commercial facilities,

Investments carried out both at the pre-design stage (formalities), design, construction and commissioning.