Projektowanie, nadzór, budowa. Inwestycje kompleksowo. |
Naszym celem jest kompleksowa realizacja inwestycji budowlanych. Świadczymy usługi doradcze takie jak nadzór inwestorski zarówno na inwestycjach kubaturowych jak i infrastrukturalnych. Projektujemy budynki ale i towrzymy innowacyjne rozwiązania. Budujemy zarowno obiekty większe jak budynki wielorodzinne, hale magazynowe jak i domy jednorodzinne. Zapraszamy do współpracy!

Our innovations and startups

  • StyrBLOK
    In February 2015, we obtained the decision of a patent for a new technical solution for erecting building walls. To be more precisely, it is a new wall element for erecting multilayer walls enabling giving up mechanical connectors polystyrene for high walls. We are currently at the stage of selling licenses for the production and commercialization of the idea. We invite all production companies that would like to increase the range of their products. As part of the license, we also plan to prepare a complete ,, konw how” production, product modification and commercialization, including the sale of our online domains with different names and versions of this product. Of course, we realize that our idea is at the stage of the completed project and 50 first test blocks. Because it is such an early stage, the value of the license is not a significant value and the monthly fee does not affect the price of the product.



  • PMKS Prefabricated Modular Skeletal Structures
    We are developing and implementing a new technology of erecting the load-bearing structure of buildings through innovative connection of nodes for reinforced concrete / steel structures. We are currently developing this idea by developing a design and a whole system of modular frame structures significantly reducing the cost and speeding up the construction of a multi-family or office residential building (Project named PMKS Prefabricated Modular Skeletal Structures). One of the objectives and the assumed effect of our work is to be a significant acceleration and reduction of the cost of multi-family housing buildings and the dream of supporting the government project Flat +. The aim of the project is to match the purchase prices and floor prices of flats to the possibilities of apartment buyers. In addition, the objects designed by us will ensure the freedom in arranging the apartment, even with regard to the location of the bathroom. The investor will be able to divide the apartments in terms of their size in any way and the sanitary installation technologies we choose make the building meet the requirements for 2021.
    Work on the system, its solutions and the sample project of a multi-family residential building were completed and the construction costs confirmed by the cost estimate and the offer of semi-finished building products (generally available on the market). The unit price per m2 starts from 2031 PLN per m2 of the usable residential area. In addition, the system has been supplemented with options for prefabrication of external walls (walls with a ready elevation).
    We invite you to cooperate with the city, developers and all companies or private investors wanting to compete on the housing market with innovative solutions stemming from reduction of construction costs.



    We are the author and owner of the internet portal aimed at streamlining the construction process for investors who plan or build their own smaller investment, such as a single-family house or finishing the flat, and for sellers will make it easier to contact the customer, submit a fast post offer etc. functions ( additionally creates a community of investors by improving the reach of suppliers to them. Through our portal, an investor, eg a single-family home, will be able to place and show the progress of construction for suppliers, show their material and service needs, which today or in the future will be needed. We will be able to share the documentation, send a link to your construction to the provider of specific services, to show him what, where and when he has to do and in what state the construction is not late in time. The user will also be able to easily evaluate, evaluate the interest works or construction works, get to know suppliers of materials and service providers, collect offers, price lists and catalogs, and then commission work. Become the General Contractor to build your home. Currently, the portal at the final stage of construction. It will be launched after the entry into force of the RODO regulations. At the disposal of users of the etargowisko: Where you will be able to sell or buy from other users materials that have remained from the construction. Maybe small quantities, but sometimes and such savings are cool. A list of construction managers with contacts will also be available for users who want to start construction.
    “Choose a manager near your construction”
    At this time the site is in the test stage. Soon we will put in on the internet.



    We create the project is a nationwide aggregate seller associating over several hundred mines and gravel pits all over the country. It is a professional activity whose main goal is to provide aggregates at favorable prices while maintaining appropriate quality and professional technological support for Investors and Contractors in the scope of optimizing project documentation in terms of maximum possibilities of effective use of local materials or implementation of replacement solutions using recycled materials.
    “Do not look for the mine, do not look for the gravel pit, we always have it at hand.”
    The works on this site are finished. If you would like to buy it pleas give as an offer.




  • We are also interested in IT support in managing the investment process. We are developing an IT project involving the implementation of a program enabling the buyer to introduce changes to tenants during construction by the developer’s website.
  • We have also started the pm project. Map of housing needs “. We are planning to create a map which will be a simple way for developers to present areas that in Poland have large housing needs.