Projektowanie, nadzór, budowa. Inwestycje kompleksowo. |
Naszym celem jest kompleksowa realizacja inwestycji budowlanych. Świadczymy usługi doradcze takie jak nadzór inwestorski zarówno na inwestycjach kubaturowych jak i infrastrukturalnych. Projektujemy budynki ale i towrzymy innowacyjne rozwiązania. Budujemy zarowno obiekty większe jak budynki wielorodzinne, hale magazynowe jak i domy jednorodzinne. Zapraszamy do współpracy!

Construction – project manager

Professional project management and comprehensive construction investment support:

  • We carry out the investment process from the preparation of the application for a decision on development conditions for the planned facility, through the development of a construction (and / or executive) design, obtaining a construction permit, investor’s supervision over the implemented investment until obtaining a permit for use and commissioning of the facility. We choose both construction and material solutions that have an impact on the construction costs of the facility but also technical and organizational solutions for the construction. So that the construction process was carried out properly and did not generate unnecessary costs.

Our tasks include, among others:

  • Preparation and submission of required documents to the application for obtaining a decision on land development and development conditions, if there is no valid Local Spatial Development Plan, representing the Investor before administrative authorities and natural persons in all matters related to obtaining the necessary documents, certificates, permits, decisions,
  • Completing and submitting all required documents required to obtain a building permit,
  • Representing the company in dealing with Investors and offices, taking care of relations with local authorities,
  • Preparation of the budget and schedule of projects, followed by control and supervision over their implementation, supervision over both the work of design offices and construction and installation companies,
  • Supervision over the process of selecting a design office,
  • Supervision over the process of selecting the general contractor,
  • Supervision of conducting the bid process when commissioning designers and construction subcontractors, placing orders for materials and services related to the implementation of the investment,
  • Verification of technical and cost documentation, analysis and comparison of offers,
  • Preparation of a contract with a general contractor, as well as contracts with subcontractors and designers, negotiating contracts,
  • Performing the function of the Investor’s Supervision Inspector,
  • Verification of proposed changes in construction technology in terms of the investment budget,
  • Execution of replacement drawings, including strength calculations of steel and reinforced concrete structures to optimize costs
  • Supervision of the circulation of documents on the construction site, patterns of acceptance documents,
  • Receipt of construction and design works carried out, coordination of design and implementation changes, optimization of solutions and initiation of design changes, design for cost assumptions,
  • Preparation of investment standards, when signing a contract with the Investor and when commissioning work for subcontractors,
  • Supervision of compliance with standards and standards BHP
  • Reporting progress and status of investments,


For investors implementing their own investments, irregularly or with varying degrees of intensity during the year, we propose a contract for permanent or one-time cooperation of the Project Manager for orders. Our offer is addressed to investors who intend to work on their facilities (eg workplaces) or build a new one but the frequency of their investments is too small to pay them to hire a full-time Project Manager or even an investment specialist. Under the agreement, the investor gets the support of a professional, certified Project Manager who also holds building rights without any limitations with a monthly or lump sum monthly settlement (on the same terms as legal services). This solution provides professional investment service when the investor really needs it. The advantage of this solution is many:

  • you do not have to create a separate part of a project manager, a construction or investment specialist for your investments, since your business is a completely different industry,
  • you will receive a comprehensive service and support of a professional project manager at every stage of the investment even in the business plan framework, and you will settle everything on the basis of a VAT invoice received from us
  • By employing a new person, despite the best recruitment process you are no longer exposed to the process of implementing a new employee and checking his qualifications, you get a professional service at the start,
  • you only settle for the time actually worked, the opportunity to settle using overworked man-hours related to the tasks performed
  • you have a construction problem, we will help you solve it, we approach the work with a task, always remembering the goals and priorities of the client

Possible tasks:

  • Comprehensive preparation of investment and renovation projects
  • Coordination of construction and investment works
  • Exercising supervision over the quality and timeliness of implemented projects
  • Developing budgets for construction projects
  • Control of the course and costs of implemented projects, investment settlement
  • Organization of partial acceptance and final acceptance of works
  • Cooperation and coordination of work with designers, contractors, supervisors
  • Participation in administrative proceedings in the scope of obtaining a GM, building permits, occupancy permits and other permits and decisions required by law
  • Development of maintenance works, inventory of buildings, keeping documentation
  • Preparation of tender documentation, participation in the selection procedure of contractors, analysis of bids for execution of works preparation, conclusion of contracts with all participants of the investment preparation process, in particular, design studios, media managers, building contractors and others,
  • verification of documents related to the purchase of real estate,
  • co-creation and reconciliation of building concepts,
  • preparation of letters, applications and correspondence in the above mentioned scope
  • supporting company management and construction supervision in ongoing work
  • comprehensive technical inspections of buildings for construction, electrical, gas and installation purposes, Conducting a building site survey.
  • Implementation of the review report together with photographic documentation. Providing a protocol for the construction review of the facility. Notification of the relevant construction supervision authority about the performed technical review
  • Analysis in terms of formal legal and technical location, property audits, feasibility study of investments in technical and formal legal aspects

Of course, there is a possibility of a selective work order or individual selection of the scope of the service